How does othello contribute to his own downfall

how does othello contribute to his own downfall Shakespeare's presentation of othello as responsible for his own downfall shakespeare’s othello consists of the themes betrayal, love and dishonesty at the centre of this play is the tragic downfall of othello at the hands of his so called friend iago in this essay i will be discussing the reasons for and against othello being responsible.

The colour of othello’s skin is obviously a crucial factor in his downfall, because his visibly alien racial identity makes him and his bride far more vulnerable to the machinations of iago than if he were an equally accomplished and indispensable white man. He argued that othello is responsible for his own downfall, and that iago is merely a subordinate character and not the main reason for the tragedy this view is certainly worth considering as ts eliot also criticises othello, accusing him of ‘self-dramatisation, a terrible exposure of human weakness. The beginning of othello’s downfall is marked by his own lack of self-esteem and low insecurities his identity shifts among being “the moor” and the venetian war lord that he envisions himself he is seen as exotic-natured, immediately setting him apart from his fellow colleagues and even his wife, desdemona.

Act iv, scene i the action of the play takes place almost wholly in iago’s world, where appearances, rather than truth, are what count because of iago’s machinations, cassio is perfectly placed to seem to give evidence of adultery, and othello is perfectly placed to interpret whatever cassio says or does as such. Best answer: because they are not truthful and forthcoming in their dealing with othello iago masterminds a whole plot on how to make othello go insane desdemona is just a pawn in iago's plan, she is not really responsible for othello's downfall, but because othello loves her so much and she is so beautiful he is fearful someone will taker her from him. Othello cannot be totally blamed for his own downfall because of iago’s creation of an alternative world filled with lies, in which is consequently consumed by the trusting and naive othello thus, othello’s downfall comes about due to the combination of the influence of iago and the fatal flaws of othello. The downfall of othello the downfall of othello othello, written by william shakespeare, is the perfect example of a romantic tragedy in which events involving the themes of jealousy, greed, revenge, and appearance versus reality bring the play to its tragic end.

The fall of a hero: othello's tragic flaw essaysaccording to the tradition of tragedy as stated by aristotle in his poetics, the tragic hero must not be an entirely good man, or one who is completely evil, but, rather, a man who on the whole is good but contributes to his own destruction by som. However, othello does not seek to profit from desdemona's own attempt to direct a scene to his benefit the repetition of honest in his description of iago compounds the tragedy by highlighting how completely he was duped. Othello’s insecurity about who he is in such a social design is where iago strikes it works well because othello’s inability to reign in his own self- doubt and perpetual insecurity in both political and emotional realms is what leads him down the path of personal and political destruction. Many have argued that othello's tragic flaw is his jealousy, but that's really only the tip of the tragic iceberg (to continue the analogy) othello, for being such a hardened and vicious warrior on the battlefield, is lost when it comes to relationships and people.

Othello is one of the first black heroes in english literature a military general, he has risen to a position of power and influence at the same time, his status as a black-skinned foreigner in venice marks him as an outsider and exposes him to some pretty overt racism, especially by his wife's. Another of othello s tragic flaws, which contribute to his downfall, is his open and trusting nature iago knows of othello s fault and states the moor is of a free and open nature/ that thinks men honest that seem to be so/and will as tenderly be led by the nose/as asses are. Othello’s gain of desdemona aroused the jealousy of iago, who believed that othello was not a proper spouse for desdemona and wanted desdemona himself this first mistake desdemona made was the fundamental cause that motivated iago to form his conspiracy.

Iago’s equally unwilling to consider that othello may eventually promote him unwilling to re-examine the rumors that othello slept with his wife, something that an honorable man like othello would never do to one of his own men. The downfall of othello and cassio in shakespeare's othello, the characters of othello and cassio greatly contribute to their own downfalls iago sets up a treacherous trap and they fall into it both are innocent characters, guilty only of being too trusting of iago. His downfall becomes his own doing, and he is no longer, as in classical tragedy, the helpless victim of fate some say that othello's tragic flaw was jealousy which flared at suspicion and rushed into action unchecked by calm common sense. To what extent is othello responsible for his own downfall a tragedy is the story of an individual whose downfall is brought about by specific defects in his character which were in this case jealousy. Othello makes a mess of his life and decides to end it prematurely when it becomes apparent to him that his downfall is his own fault however, i do not believe that othello is entirely responsible for what happens to him.

The downfall of othello as caused by iago iago is one of shakespeare s most intriguing and credible villains iago can be perceived as either evil or brilliant in his plans to be deemed lieutenant. Othello essay “othello is responsible for his own downfall” to what extent do you agree with this statement othello’s downfall is a result of his many flaws being played upon by shakespeare’s most unforgiving, infamous villain iago. Although othello's race plays a loud role in his character analysis, othello's downfall was largely due to the misleading 'honest iago' rather than his racial flaws in terms of race contributing to his downfall, othello's life was driven by factors outside of their control, in that, an african cannot help being black.

  • Iago is able to engineer othello's downfall in part because of othello's own insecurities his pride blinds him to his weaknesses, and he puts his faith in iago over the word of his love, desdemona othello is obsessed with his reputation, and ends up killing his wife to save face.
  • In what ways does othello explore shakespeear in what ways does shakespeare explore human weakness in othello shakespeare explores human weakness in his playwrite othello through themes of power, jealousy.

To what extent does shakespeare present othello as being responsible for his own downfall shakespeareð²ð‚™s othello consists of the themes betrayal, love and dishonesty at the centre of this play is the tragic downfall of othello at the hands of his so called friend iago. The downfall of othello can be attributed to many factors and some of these are inter-related the villainy of iago is very effective in making othello believe the lies and deceptions othello has many weaknesses in his character which make him very prone to jealousy and becomes very obsessive. No, othello does not create his own downfall but iago targets othello's vulnerabilties othello expresses his inadequacy in speech he compares himself to cassio and finds that he comes up short. Othello let himself be tricked by the lies of iago, and so it was he who was responsible for his own downfall after finding that his wife was faithful, he changes from the man we once knew he is a broken man, broken because he killed the one thing he was passionate about.

How does othello contribute to his own downfall
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